Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wondering Wanderers

Welcome to our blog dedicated to middle-agers who love adventure, budget travel, good food, and great company. We will be sharing our travel adventures, details and tips for fun, enjoyable, great value-for-money trips. Watch this space for more!

                          Diplomat Hotel, Baguio, 1982 

We've been travelling together since college. Our kids grew up together. 

                               Singapore,  2011

now, more than thirty years (and as many pounds) later, we are empty-nesters, meno-/andro-paused. and still travelling together. 

we're a group of eight, sometimes more, sometimes less..some married to each other, some single...all friends and travel buddies forever.

still wandering...and still wondering about many places and things on this planet. 

sharing our trips, experiences and how-to's for happy travels with a group. 

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